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With Our World Vacation Travel Club
The World Is Your Second Home!

Join Our World Travel Club And Go Anywhere In The World
For A Fraction Of Regular Prices!

Our unique "World Travel Club" was established in 1987, a subsidiary of Ocean Clubs, and and when you join our world travel club you will be able to enjoy vacations almost anywhere in the world at over 4000 of the finest resorts, hotels and cruises for a fraction of regular prices. As the years go by our members realize substantial savings for all types of vacations.


Vacation Anytime Of The Year At World Vacations Club!

When you join our world travel club you are not locked in to a particular date to enjoy your travel club vacation. You have the flexibility to vacation any week or weeks during the year and you can change it every year. If membership is for more than one week, you can use them together or at different times. The choice is all yours and we do all the work to make the arrangements – it couldn't be easier. Contact us for detailed world vacation travel club information and explore this incredible offer!


Your World Travel Club Membership Is A Valuable Asset

Your World Vacations Club World Travel Club Membership is a valuable asset that can be sold, transferred or even willed in your estate. View our world travel club membership options and costs for details on this amazing offer.


World Vacation Travel Club Member Enrollment

You only pay one time for a 30 Year Member enrollment in the Club and thereafter a modest annual membership fee. You owe it to yourself and family to take advantage of this unique, money saving opportunity. Explore our world travel club membership options and costs and then join our World Travel Club today!





To speak to a vacation consultant contact us:Toll Free: 1-866-978-5872
Direct: 011-599-545-4432
Fax: 011-599-545-4434

World Vacations Club
'World Travel Club' Is Affordable & Simple

Wonderful world vacation travel club possibilities at over 4000 of the finest resorts, hotels and cruises await you at a fraction of regular prices!

Visit World Vacations Club at our eBay store for substantial world vacation travel club savings!


World Vacation Travel Club Membership Options

View details about our 30 Year World Travel Club membership options and costs to see how you can start saving on your travel vacations today!